The VBA Pro Course (Team Learning Package)


1. On this page you can select the number of team members you want to enroll.

2. On the (next) checkout page, the first email address you enter is where you'll receive your receipt and initial account.  This is typically the purchasing agent.

3. The checkout form also includes fields for the "Names" and "Email addresses" of all the members that are taking the course (including yourself if you will access the course).  If you don't know the names of some or all of the other members, then you can leave those fields blank. You can add members at a later date. 

4. Once you've successfully registered, we will send each team member an email that contains their username and password for the course. If you don't receive anything in 48hrs please, firstly check your spam for "Welcome!  I'm excited you are here.", then email

Please contact us if you have any questions or don't see an option for the number of team members you want to register.

We look forward to having you as a member of the course and helping you learn VBA.

Note: Your Credit Card will show "Excel Campus LLC" once payment has been processed.  

Choose your 'Team Learning Package' and click 'Purchase Offer' at the bottom of this page --->>>



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