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Training Courses


The Elevate Excel Training Program

Elevate Excel is a comprehensive (beginner-to-advanced) online training program that covers everything you need to drastically improve your Excel skills, save tons of time with your job, and become the Excel Hero of the office.

*All of our courses are now included with Elevate (see below).

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All of our training courses are now included with Elevate Excel

Elevate Excel includes an All Access Pass to all of our Deep Learning Courses below.

The VBA Pro Course

Gain control and power over Excel by learning to automate it with macros & VBA.

The Pivot Ready Course

Pivot Tables are one of the most common job interview questions, are you an expert yet?

The Power BI Course

Create interactive reports & dashboards that will impress your boss and executive team.

The Power Query Course

Automate boring data cleansing, preparation, and import tasks with Power Query.

Lookup Formulas Course

Master the most popular functions & formulas in Excel like Vlookup, Index, Match, & more.

The Elevate Excel Training Program includes the courses & topics above, plus additional training on formulas, conditional formatting, data visualization, Power Pivot, a community forum, and so much more.

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Excel Add-ins


The Hero Tools Add-in

The Hero Tools Suite combines all of our Excel add-ins into one suite.  The tool is packed with features that will help save you time with your everyday Excel tasks.

*All of the add-ins listed below are included in Hero Tools.

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All of the add-ins listed below are now included in The Hero Tools Suite

We've combined all of our legacy add-ins into the Hero Tools Suite which also includes brand new features and updates.

The PivotPal Add-in

The PivotPal Add-in is a productivity app that makes it faster & easier to work with pivot tables.  It's packed with features like automatic number formatting, filter source data, custom layout profiles, and more.

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The Paste Buddy Add-in

The Paste Buddy Add-in allows you to create custom keyboard shortcuts for the Paste Special commands like Paste Values.  It's Paste Visible feature can paste a range of cells into a filtered range.

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The Tab Hound Add-in

Tab Hound makes it easy to navigate large workbooks with features for searching tab names, add-in a table of contents to any workbook, and much more.  Tab Control allows you to quickly rename, organize, and (un)hide multiple sheets.

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The Filter Mate Add-in

Filter Mate saves time when working with filtered ranges and tables by allowing you to quickly navigate to filtered columns and view filter criteria.

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The Formatting Shortcuts Add-in

Create custom keyboard shortcuts to apply font & fill colors, number formatting, or cells styles to any range of cells in Excel.

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The List Search Add-in

List Search allows you to search any drop-down (data validation) list in any cell in any workbook.  This saves your users time and makes your files easier to use.

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Books & Guides


The Excel Pro Tips eBook

Grab our free eBook and learn 10 great Excel techniques that will wow your boss and make your co-workers say, "how did you do that??"

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